reach theright people at theright timeon theright device
visual messaging to
corporate communications
  • Multiple tools
    — one platform
  • Create, target &
    send communications
    in seconds
  • Deliver visual
    messages directly
    to employee devices
big and small
are using
to engage

“The Snap channels offer a very
effective way to communicate with
geographically distributed stores and
in a retail environment.”

Emmajane Johnson, Former Retail Communications Manager, Virgin Mobile

“Thanks to the use of Snap Comms
tools, we have increased use of our
intranet by over 40% in the first year.”

Annabel Barbosa, Director,
Communications, Wintec

“We are now bringing to life our
messages and programs in a creative,
engaging and fun way for all.”

Bridget Evans Internal Communications, Vodafone Group Services
Take advantage of our SnapStart program to get SnapComms up and running in your organization.
1. Launch & Contact Pack
This pack will help you to
establish communication
protocols, ensure your
SnapComms templates are
properly branded, and help
launch SnapComms tools
to your employees.
2. Virtual Admin Services
Our Implementation
Specialist will step in to
provide SnapComms
support on a short- or
long-term basis.
3. ‘Make it Stick’ Services
To enhance adoption of
SnapComms tools, it is
important that SnapComms
is viewed as a refreshing,
innovative and effective
approach that supports
delivery on business
4. Strategic Profiling
The success of the
SnapComms initiative
depends on the direct
links between the
business, the skills and
knowledge of the people
it impacts, and the
sustainability embedded
into the strategy.