Hope&Hoppen helps Quaker test the
waters of emotional advertising.

Quaker “The Recital”


Much of PepsiCo Inc.-owned Quaker’s
advertising focused on functional nutritional
details—and without an emotional connection,
it is hard to be seen online. Quaker turned to
video production agency Studio M to tell the
“Goodness Starts Today” story.

Hope&Hoppen Role

Studio M contacted the Joy of Dance studio
to find families who might be willing to appear
in the ad for Quaker. The family of Lynne and
Michael—founders of Hope&Hoppen—won
the part!

Storytelling is in our DNA

This was an unusual partnership for
Hope&Hoppen as we’re used to being on
the other side of the creative table. However,
storytelling is in our DNA. The Studio M/
Hope&Hoppen partnership was really a
match made in heaven.

What We Did
Script: As the ad was unscripted, our
off-the-cuff responses to Studio M’s questions
became the overall storyline. “The Hopes
were the absolute perfect real family, and
exactly what we were looking for when casting
this commercial,” commented Brad Cowan,
Director of Studio M. Director Bryan Reid agreed, “The audition and 
subsequent interviews gave us more sound
bites than we needed to work with.”

Video Shoot: Simon Shohet was the cinematographer who forged such a great bond with our family. He filmed the entire Quaker Ad
in one, 14-hour day—with two other
main shoots to capture Michael and Lauren’s
clandestine rehearsals, as well as the final
dance recital. We helped Studio M convey the
real emotion in parents watching their kids
grow up before their eyes.


Within 24 hours, Quaker—“The Recital” received close to half a million hits. Now we’re at nearly
10 million views, with 20+ million impressions worldwide.

Behind the scenes: The Recital
Following WestJet’s lead, Quaker
tests waters of emotional advertising
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